Monday, February 12, 2007

For a year now I've been visiting blogs, finding one after another, like hidden candy eggs on Easter morning.
Links draw me on to another crafter, another artist, another chef or baker. Seeing their projects, reading about their lives, their concerns and triumphs.
Little visits with people I've never met, and I come away happy and a little disoriented.
What am I doing with my time? Do I have something to share?
Am I creating the life I want?
Last summer, husband and I sat in lawn chairs,
listening to the chatter of the young girls
on their trampoline in the back yard across the steet.
Drifting over the fence, this phrase: 'You are too creative!'
What does it mean?
For me, sometimes it means that all of you are so creative,
too creative,
and I am not even close.
And sometimes . . .
just sometimes . . .
I feel that I can do things . . .
And so begins this blog.
u r 2 creative