Sunday, March 30, 2008

Potted spring + birthday card

This is one of two pots at the entry of a client's home. Because it's still too early for pansies and other spring annuals, I used mossy twigs, pussy willow, horsetail grass, and pink statice in these potted gardens. The entry is covered, so the pots are never hit with snow or rain. I pushed the stems directly into soil and then watered the pots when done. The statice and grass should hold up for several weeks.

The pots have to be redone fairly often when I use living plants because the light conditions are poor. Will probably interplant some violas and stock later. I like the twigs and pussy willow stems for the extra height and more dramatic scale they provide at the entry.

A windowsill garden for me. Found the tulips and hyacinth at Home Depot -- half-price after Easter -- and planted them into a copper window planter. So cheery to see it right outside the kitchen window.

Birthday card for sister's birthday, coming up on April 20.

Back of the card, with a little 'legend' explaining all the elements on the front.

All in all, a creative weekend.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring Green

Could it be? Pushing through the brown and gray of last year's leaves . . .

Wearing caps of cotton instead of wool . . .

Encompassing a world of hope . . .

Delicate spring green.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Recent projects

Recent sewing projects: purse/tote bags using this tutorial. This one uses some vintage, some new fabrics -- the French linen is from superbuzzy.

Here's the inside pocket -- with a mini rickrack trim. (Colors in this pic are a little bit truer.)

I love the polka dot fabric -- only have a couple of strips left and am hunting for more. Funnily, the fabric stores here don't have red with white dots. So onto the web I go. Any suggestions?

This next bag is one of three batik bags I made -- all three have sold. As usual, I forgot to take pics of the first two! This is the third.

A couple of years ago I found batik remnants at a store -- shown here on my clothesline. The colors are so saturated and so beautiful. Brought them back out of the stash during Project Runway and found myself inspired to do a 'series' of bags. (My own collection!) The other batiks are thrifted or newly purchased.

Piecing on the straps -- I love the movement of the fabrics up and down.

Inside quilted 'hanging' pocket -- and metered corners on the binding using Alicia's instructions (Feb 21 Binding Tute). The binding goes on so neat and proper.

Well! Next up is a custom 'sputnik' bag for Cousin N. Will take pics. Promise. No really. I will remember.

Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm here

Oh, were you looking for me?? I've been crazy-busy this winter -- will write about it sometime if I can make it interesting. But I'm here now.

And I've been busy as of late making these sweet little pincushions. Followed the directions in this book.

Vintage-look fabrics, old buttons, a bit of embroidery floss and voila! Little pincushions.

Cousins and sisters may be the recipients of these . . . if I can bear to part with them.