Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer garden and Introducing Mr. Hopper

Mr. G. Hopper visited the garden today. He might be looking for Mr. Toad.

The garden will soon reach its summer glory. Coneflower are in full bloom, as are the verbena bodnariensis. Blue salvia, coral nymph and white salvia, white alyssum, hot pink impatiens . . . all are contributing to the symphony of color.

Both white and yellow buddleia are about to open; bee balm and dark phlox are already blooming, and the white phlox should be fully out by the week's end. My garden is not full sun, so many of the perennials are a bit slower to open fully.

And the monarchs have finally arrived. My husband says they are practicing for the Oshkosh air show -- they seem to be doing acrobatic tricks in the air as the dip in and around the gardens.

Not another toad -- this is a frog vase, holding a wonderful 'Annabelle' hydrangea bloom.

Summer colors to store away and remember when we are in winter's gray and white.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Toad in the Garden!

Just a couple of days after I last saw Mr. Toad in the garden, I spotted this little guy.

At a garage sale.

So he came home with me.

Welcome to the garden, Sir Toad.

(More garage sale finds to be posted soon.)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Toad and Me

How long has it been since my last post? I'm like the toad in the garden . . . making a sudden reappearance.

Spring has gone, we're half-way through summer. And I'm still working away in the gardens and yards of clients.

And this toad is now showing up every couple of days in my garden. Always somewhere near this very large hosta. He must be very busy, catching flies or mosquitos or whatever toads catch.

And then he takes a break and shows up to greet me. Suddenly.

So here I am -- showing up again on my own blog. I've been out there visiting all your blogs since spring and into the summer. Seeing so much wonderfulness, having a great time. Sometimes commenting, even. But not finding the time or energy to post myself.

I've resolved to do several posts each month from here on out.

And here's one of my thrifty finds: little plastic chairs -- actually for a rather large doll house, I presume, as each is 5 1/2" tall. Aren't they vintage modern, N?

I'll be back soon! Ribbit!