Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas wristlets

Time for some Christmas sewing projects. These little wristlets are fun and kinda easy. I use the tutorial here mostly, although I've not been very good at her zipper technique. But after making four wristlets, I'm getting the 'hang' of them (!). I may just continue with winter wristlets and spring wristlets, since Ginette is out on the table.

This wristlet is made from a thrifted napkin with pom pom trim on the bottom. Took me way too much thinking just to figure out how to layer the body of the wristlet without removing the trim from the original napkin. Some days are like that. But the end result is sweetness.

And we've got a white week before Christmas! My camera has decided to stop working, so this is last winter's snow. But 2008 snow looks the same. Dutch word of the day: sneeuw.

'Oh the weather outside is frightful . . . .'