Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Project Blue & White

I love the crisp contrast of white and navy blue . . .

. . . and how a soft blue looks like it is emerging from the field of white.

Here is my first blue and white project: a pair of potholders, from a repurposed tablecloth. It seems too easy to do a blue and white sewing project -- but, really, isn't it another way to get in touch with color? Like doing an inspiration board or collage/journal page -- getting involved with color. And it helps hone my sewing skills. (And convinces me I really really need a walking foot before I tackle any larger-scale quilting job.)

More blue and white (I hope) before month's end.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Blues: A Year of Color

I've signed up for A Year of Color -- a wonderful, year-long exploration of color, full of inspiration, projects, photography. You can learn more about it here.

January's theme colors are blue and white.

First step for me is to set up an inspiration corner. I've gathered some objects together, finding some wonderful shades of blue to set against snowy or pearly white.

I guess it's a sewing or textiles corner. Don't remember where I got these French bobbins.

But I remember well the garage sale where I found this little homespun, homemade doll coat. Two sisters run a sale from their garage twice a year and when I see their sign, a block from the library, I get so excited. I know I'll find some treasures there. Sigh. In the midst of the longest month of winter I really miss my favorite garage sales.

Onward to step two: Next for me will be doing some projects inspired by the blue and white theme. I sewed this batik bag last summer. The blues are so saturated -- just wonderful! Like living in the ocean.
And in this long winter month, it's also good to be inspired by the promise of spring.
Blue + White.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seriously Cold

Oh, yes it is cold!!

Just the perfect day for sewing, don't you think? Cats snoozing by the woodstove, kettle on, lots of fabric to play with.

We ventured out as far as the library this afternoon, where I picked up this apron book. So many patterns inside . . . but all the ones I love are encircled with bias tape. I'll have to get one of those little bias tape doohickeys so I can make my own. Right now I'm playing with fabrics, as you can tell.

And these fabrics are Jay McCarroll's by Free Spirit -- recent purchase on Fabric Hound. He's the first winner of Project Runway, in case you didn't know. And WHERE, by the way, IS PROJECT RUNWAY?!? Those bozos need to straighten out their differences and get that show back on the air. I need it. Badly. Especially when the weather keeps me inside so much.

Do I sound a wee bit cranky?? A little cabin fever setting in. Oh, the red/white polka dot fabric is Michael Miller. Love polka dots and I'm always looking for red and white. This will suffice for now, but I need one that has a bit smaller polka dots. Love the pretty little purses book, too.

We'll be exiting the cold weather by the weekend, just in time for our son to return from Oklahoma City. He has completed his air traffic controller training at the FAA facility there. Yay! Maybe I can sew him a little tote for his manual or his galoshes or something?!

This cabin fever may be serious.

How are you surviving the cold?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's cold!

Bracing for below-zero weather . . . and the little birds who come to my walk for little bread crumbs and coarse corn meal might not even show up tomorrow morning.

Most days, recently, have been spent organizing receipts etc. for 2008 tax return -- I think we're encouraged not to be creative in that area, however. So I'm finishing up an ATC for myself tonight; already sent one to each of my two sisters. That will be my 'do something creative' for today.

This McCoy bowl -- a recent 'Treasures' find -- makes me happy. Neat size -- about the size of a cereal bowl -- color is fab -- scroll pattern is the best. N tells me to keep this for myself -- at least for a while. Good advice.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

A New Year of Creativity

These days after Christmas are a time to reflect on the past year . . . and time to make some plans for the new year. Resolutions, maybe . . .

I have been thinking about creativity and the new year. 'Do Something Creative Everyday' is the slogan of Paper Source. And that seems like a good intention or resolution, but I start to think about my day-to-day life. Can I really do that? Be creative every day? I don't think so.

Unless I rethink creativity, of what it is to create, to be creative. I can be creative when sewing or when papercrafting, obviously. But also when cooking, or gardening. Or when I am volunteering my time. Problem-solving is creative. . . .

More thoughts on creativity later, perhaps. Time to make something. A new patchwork potholder or a wristlet. A collage card or ATC. Or some eggs for breakfast. Creative eggs.