Thursday, May 3, 2007

Outside In, Inside Out

Crabapples are in full bloom here. One small tree, which had been ailing, had to be cut down entirely, so I took the good branches inside for a splendid display. Seeing the blossoms inside and close up is amazing.

Airing out the rummage finds

After reading about the fantastic prices and finds at church rummage sales, I just had to stop when I saw the large sign early Saturday morning. "Would you like a bag? Fill the bag for $8," I was told as I entered. Oh! I think I can do that! I emerged with 5 vintage tablecloths, 11 aprons, 7 cookbooks/booklets, vintage needle folders, cards of buttons, a set of letter N O E L candleholders, a small white teapot, and more! So much more that the price averaged out to 12 cents per item. I gotta find me another rummage sale!