Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's cold!

Bracing for below-zero weather . . . and the little birds who come to my walk for little bread crumbs and coarse corn meal might not even show up tomorrow morning.

Most days, recently, have been spent organizing receipts etc. for 2008 tax return -- I think we're encouraged not to be creative in that area, however. So I'm finishing up an ATC for myself tonight; already sent one to each of my two sisters. That will be my 'do something creative' for today.

This McCoy bowl -- a recent 'Treasures' find -- makes me happy. Neat size -- about the size of a cereal bowl -- color is fab -- scroll pattern is the best. N tells me to keep this for myself -- at least for a while. Good advice.


Nancy Jo said...

Oh boy, I love that bowl, that is a really good find. Where did you come upon that?

Beemoosie said...

I like that bowl too! I have never seen one like that before!

karen said...

Wow, what a McCoy find. I have never seen a bowl. Love it. kpaints