Monday, July 28, 2008

Summer garden and Introducing Mr. Hopper

Mr. G. Hopper visited the garden today. He might be looking for Mr. Toad.

The garden will soon reach its summer glory. Coneflower are in full bloom, as are the verbena bodnariensis. Blue salvia, coral nymph and white salvia, white alyssum, hot pink impatiens . . . all are contributing to the symphony of color.

Both white and yellow buddleia are about to open; bee balm and dark phlox are already blooming, and the white phlox should be fully out by the week's end. My garden is not full sun, so many of the perennials are a bit slower to open fully.

And the monarchs have finally arrived. My husband says they are practicing for the Oshkosh air show -- they seem to be doing acrobatic tricks in the air as the dip in and around the gardens.

Not another toad -- this is a frog vase, holding a wonderful 'Annabelle' hydrangea bloom.

Summer colors to store away and remember when we are in winter's gray and white.


Carol said...

K: I saw G. Hopper's twin brother(H. Hopper)in my office on the 8th floor. Imagine that! Your garden is lovely - my purple buddleia is blooming and I rescued a Painted Lady from the watercan where she was treading water.

charlotte said...

so pretty here!

Malphi said...

Beautiful little green fellow...stunning photograph X