Saturday, March 22, 2008

Recent projects

Recent sewing projects: purse/tote bags using this tutorial. This one uses some vintage, some new fabrics -- the French linen is from superbuzzy.

Here's the inside pocket -- with a mini rickrack trim. (Colors in this pic are a little bit truer.)

I love the polka dot fabric -- only have a couple of strips left and am hunting for more. Funnily, the fabric stores here don't have red with white dots. So onto the web I go. Any suggestions?

This next bag is one of three batik bags I made -- all three have sold. As usual, I forgot to take pics of the first two! This is the third.

A couple of years ago I found batik remnants at a store -- shown here on my clothesline. The colors are so saturated and so beautiful. Brought them back out of the stash during Project Runway and found myself inspired to do a 'series' of bags. (My own collection!) The other batiks are thrifted or newly purchased.

Piecing on the straps -- I love the movement of the fabrics up and down.

Inside quilted 'hanging' pocket -- and metered corners on the binding using Alicia's instructions (Feb 21 Binding Tute). The binding goes on so neat and proper.

Well! Next up is a custom 'sputnik' bag for Cousin N. Will take pics. Promise. No really. I will remember.


Carol said...

K: The vintage/polka dot bag is fabulous! and gets used often. The batik bag is gorgeous! You have truly created your own "line" of totes.

samantha said...

thanks for stopping by today, i had just had a conversation with someone that left me with the most erie feeling...ever had that happen? just couldn't shake it...then i read your comment and got my joy can definately do things!your bag looks perfect!

Rachel Whetzel said...

I LOVE that I'm not the only sap who forgets to take PHOTOS!!! Made my day. Your bags are delicious!

Felicia said...

Love the bags. That French one is awesome :)