Monday, March 5, 2007

Stash becomes Purse

A year ago, I began a fabric stash. I purchased several fabrics at the local Hancock fabrics, then started finding pieces of fabric at garage sales and thrift stores. Of course, I intended to use these fabrics, so I also bought a couple of patterns for handbags, including one Amy Butler and one Laura Ashley.

Funny thing, the stash somehow became The Stash-for-Stash-Sake. Finding, buying, washing and ironing, folding, stacking -- this was enough! I could spend a stray hour just looking over the fabrics, sorting through the colors, restacking, and then leaving the craft room again. Almost every week I found a new piece to add. Ah, but now I need to create something with these fabrics. So here are my first efforts, sewn in the last weeks -- my new purses!


Blueridgegirl said...

Ohhhh- the second one is my fav! Looks like spring to me! I have the same kind of stash- bits and pieces, just enough for things like purses, bags and doll clothes. It's fun looking for it, huh?

Kim in NC(farmgirl!)

auntgeorge said...

Waaaahhhhhh I want the yellow one! Do you want to trade a skirt or something? Or how about more fabric for your stash!! LOL Your purses are beautiful!! Keep going girl gorgeous!!

Oh,and your blog page is the clean white lines of it all!!
Georgann (auntgeorge)

auntgeorge said...

Oh, and your home looks lovely...what I can see of it. LOVE the white clean lines and those glass pieces are beautiful!! Is the snow in your back yard? No snow here all winter. :(

Nancy Jo said...

They are all so so pretty, of course my favorites are the pink and the roses. They came out so nice.

Carol said...

K - The lily of the valley fabric reminds me of the flower patch in our yard by the farmhouse. They are sooo fragrant in May - my birth month!

carol in oregon

Robin said...

Your Purses are wonderful