Monday, April 16, 2007

A Seed Stash

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Seems I have another secret stash! This one features hollyhocks, verbena, baby's breath, four o'clocks, zinnias (both green and white), cup-and-saucer vine, poppies, morning glory, castor bean, sunflowers, love-lies-bleeding (green and red), cardoon, basil (purple, green, cinnamon), ageratum, cosmos, love-in-a-mist, and five packets of green nicotiana 'langsdorfii'!! Maybe this is the year that I'll make better use of my stash, like the fabric stash, and create a patchwork cottage garden extraordinaire. I'll let you know my progress. For now, the fun, as always, is in the sorting.

1 comment:

vintagechica said...

He, this post. I have a seed stash that needs to be addressed as well. I have an entire drawer that need a little organizing. Maybe Ill get to it this morning? Maybe.