Monday, October 12, 2009

A Project, Completed, in Season

As the season turns, I need to put away my farmers' market bag project -- juicy peach print + green-and-white polka dot fabrics -- and turn to the fall/winter schemes. This little bag is an Amy Butler Frenchy handbag, using a squishy green chenille-like fabric for the body and a cute-cute bear print (Japanese fabric) for the upper part. I cut the pieces out last year but never sewed them together before the season changed again.

So, with fall here quite officially (both calendar and temperature say it's autumn), I took the pieces from the sewing armoire and put them together. I used the longer handles of the Frenchy shoulder bag and the smaller body of the Frenchy handbag.

The button is decoration; it mimics the pleats of the bag. I'm loving this bag.

Next up: finishing the curtain for the patio door (fabric purchased 4 years ago; cut out last year). Then, on to some holiday sewing projects, to get ahead of the season for once!

Are you finishing up any projects from long ago?


Carol said...

K: Love the new fall bag!!....I need a new bag too yet. I am finishing an ATC and still thinking about the family project.....

Merci-Notes said...

This sounds like a good idea!!! Finishing up projects! Oh, Natahsa is having a fund Day to show off our projects that we want ot do but have not made time for ourselves! Sounds like you should show off your work! :)

hmm, wonder what is in your mail box soon???