Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Golden Harvest

The bees have done so much work this summer. And now, in autumn, our neighbor returns to harvest the honey.

Some of the frames were almost empty. I think the additional levels of frames were added a bit too soon. Next year we'll wait a bit longer.

Jimmy took some frames for harvesting with a centrifuge. He left several levels for the bees' winter home and food.

And he gave this frame to me to harvest by hand. You can see the caps on top of the honeycomb. I scraped those off very lightly. The honey just glistens! I'm so grateful to the bees and want to give them more flowers in their garden next year.

These jars are from my harvesting efforts.

The honey is light and delicate. So beautiful.
A sweet golden harvest.


madrekarin said...

Katie- That honey is gorgeous! Such a lovely reward for your tender care.

Nancy Jo said...

Hi Katie,
Oh that Honey looks so pretty! Its just amazing isn't it?
Your little inchy book is so cute, I want to thankyou again,"I think" for giving me the idea. I'm on my fourth one.
Nancy Jo

Carol said...

K: the honey looks delicious and it is probably organic! At any rate you know where it came from. yumm

Beemoosie said...

That is really interesting! Looks yummy!

Jennifer said...

Hello! Just discovered your blog and after reading through a bunch of your wonderful posts I suspect we're kindred spirits. Hope your Thanksgiving was lovely and that you're having better luck than I am getting a handle on the upcoming holidays!