Saturday, September 27, 2008

My minimalist style

In our office-corner, which we 'redecorated' last winter, I've gone with a very spare style. Instead of four shelves above the drawing table, full of hard-to-reach and therefore seldom used books, I put just one Ikea shelf. The black boxes hold office supplies -- envelopes, stamps, paper.
I try to keep other items to a minimum. It's a perfect place for a posy or, like now, some foxtail grasses. (I must admit -- the velvet violets and little box of vintage stencils somehow migrated here just this week. It's usually just the boxes and one vase.)

I caught a glimpse of the contrast between the office area and the kitchen this morning. The light is so very different, as is the chaos-level. Really, if you saw my computer desk top and drawing table, you'd see some chaos there as well. At least the walls have that minimalist style that I crave. And I like the spareness when I'm 'at work'.

When I'm very very brave I'll show the room of fabrics and paper that is my quasi-studio. Now there's chaos!


SweDaisy said...

thanks for your encouraging comment. I got a lot done with the quilt this weekend. Now all I have to do is quilt the whole thing and add the binding by Saturday. Crossing my fingers.

Take Care Lisa

P.S. I love all the pretty flowers. Minus the toad, not a fan of taods and frogs :)

Susan said...

You won over at - get over there and check it out!!!