Monday, September 29, 2008

Pretty Patchwork Potholders

Although I've been sewing since junior high Home Ec class, I haven't done a lot of patchwork. And it seems each patchwork project I try, I bungle a bit -- but learn so much in the process. Saturday was a patchwork potholder day.

I followed the instructions in Pretty Little Potholders, which has patterns for all sorts of potholder fun. My first two log cabin potholders (shown front and back) were pretty successful, except that they became a little wonky when I trimmed the edges after machine-quilting them. Also, I hadn't read the hint about sewing the strips so that one colorway dominates one side and a contrasting colorway dominates the other. So these are Random Wonky Potholders.

Why not do another potholder, deliberately wonky and with some color organization? Voila -- the Autumn Wonky Potholder. I just sewed pieces and rotary-cut the shapes as I went along. Pretty successful, except for the upper right corner, where I made a bad color choice; having run out of rust-colored prints, I used a red one.

Right now I can't imagine sewing an entire quilt of strips. But it would be beautiful. Whose blog did I just see with wonky quilt squares? Loved it. Denyse Schmidt's quilt book has a great wonky striped quilt. Should I put that on the Project list?


madrekarin said...

Katie- I have this book and I have yet to dive in and make something from it. Seeing your potholders makes me want to dig in my stash and start sewing. They are adorable! I love them.:) Great work, whether you followed directions ir not.

Wanda said...

Katie, thanks for dropping by my blog, yes the playhouse is for me. As I said in my blog I have always wanted one, so there it is. I don't want to call it just a play house,But I havn't thought up a good name for it,any suggestions? I love your new potholders,you are a very acomplished seamstesss. And creativity is not following the same path as others. Good color choices too.TTFN

gail said...

katie-- thanks for visiting my blog. had to come take a peek at yours and i love it! i have always wanted to learn to quilt, but no extra time with all my other crafting projects.

gotta get to my craft area now and do some sprucing up. its a disaster zone!