Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What I've been sewing

On these last days of summer, I've been sewing bags and purses.

Squirrel purse -- for hording acorns (fabric from Superbuzzy)

I love the saturated colors of this batik bag. And a carved mother-of-pearl button (swoon).

'Summer's End' -- dragonfly and sunflower tote.

Which one is your favorite?


AnnaVallance said...

The bags are all beautiful; how could anyone just choose one?

Wanda said...

For shape I like the acorn one, I like the batik material in the center one, but the dragonfly one strangly calls to me. You do good work I sew a bit so I know it isn't as easy as it looks when it is all done. TTFN rosesinwinter.blogspot.com